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NACOMA project
22 Hendrik Witbooi Street
PO Box 7018
Tel: (00264) 064-403-905
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What is NACOMA ?


The Namibian Coast Conservation and Management project (NACOMA) is tasked to pave the way for an Integrated Coastal Zone Management System for Namibia’s coast.


The Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Government of the Republic of Namibia fund this five-year project, which was established in March 2006. A second phase of the NACOMA project is under consideration.


NACOMA, under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, as a facilitator of government should:

  • Enable Namibians to agree on a common vision for the management of the coastal zone;
  • Develop & support the implementation of the  Government’s coastal policy;
  • Clarify the legal and regulatory framework for coastal zone development planning;
  • Harmonize institutional mandates and roles for the management of the coastal zone;
  • Provide required training & practical skills to key stakeholders responsible for managing the coast;
  • Improve awareness about the coastal biodiversity, environmental problems and the coastal value.

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The coast is about 1.500 km long classified as hyper arid desert.
Around 1,6 million birds belonging to 73 species regularly occur along the Namibian Coast.
The coastline from Swakopmund to Walvis Bay has up to 770 birds per km of beach.

25 species of cetaceans & 493 species of fish occur off Namibian waters.

Around 552.000 tons of fish was harvested in 2005.
3 coastal wetlands are under the International Ramsar Convention.
Over 928 900 tourists in 2007 and 1.2 million expected in 2008. From 2009, tourist numbers are expected to go down until there is an upswing in the global economy.

Coastal Biodiversity Week
Part I - 05-08 June 2013
Part II - 14-21 September 2013

As part of its awareness raising, the NACOMA Project has been celebrating and organizing coastal biodiversity weeks since 2011. The main aim of these events is to raise awareness among and to educate coastal stakeholders about the value of coastal biodiversity and how it can be conserved, as well as how sustainable development can take place in harmony with nature.    This year’s coastal biodiversity weeks were celebrated in June (5-8) and September (14-21) under the theme Think. Eat. Save. “The theme encourages us to become more aware of the environmental impact of the food choices we make and food waste we generate and empowers us to make informed decisions on how we can reduce our food footprint.”

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Coastal Policy Process
The Green Paper for the Coastal Policy was officially launch on 21 July 2009 and publication versions are available at several places and on this website in the section Reports & Publications

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