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Seagull catches prey, Walvis Bay, Namibia
Seagull catches prey, Walvis Bay, Namibia

The Atlantic coast, offshore islands, coastal wetlands, coastal dunes and plains contain many endemic animals, breeding bird colonies, specialised fog-dependent lichens and vegetation, succulent flora, reptiles etc.

 Coastal Zone Facts: 

  • A total of 205 seaweed species has been collected in Namibian waters.
  • Over 400 plant species occur in the Central Namib making up to 10% of the flora of the country, the Northern Namib supports approximately 100 to 200 plant species and the Southern Namib is home to well over 600 species of plants (a global biodiversity hotspot).
  • About 410 species of bony fish and 83 species of cartilaginous fish are thought to occur in Namibian waters. 91 species and 30 species respectively have been recorded in depths of less than 30m.
  • Of the 8 species of sea turtles worldwide, 5 occur in Namibia. Most are considered endangered and are protected under the Sea Fisheries Act and international agreement.
  • Of the 62 species of seabirds recorded in Namibian waters, 20 are only rare vagrants. 12 species breed along the Namibian coast in particular on offshore islands and man-made platfoms. These include the endangered African Penguin, African Black Oystercatcher and the rare breeding endemic Damara Tern.
  • Marine Mammals represented in Namibian waters include cetaceans and seals. Of the 11 species of baleen whales worldwide, 8 occur off Namibia, while 23 species of dolphins and toothed whales can be found.

Download the document below for the full list of Common and Endangered Fauna species found in Namibia.


Download the document below for the full list of Common and Endangered Flora species found in Namibia.

For more information about the Namibian coastal fauna and flora, consult the following websites/documents:

Four regions

The Kunene Region is named after the perennial Kunene River, which borders the north-western part of the region. The mouth of the Kunene is an important wetland. The entire...

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