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Coastal Policy

Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) is a tool for implementing sustainable development in coastal areas. A continuous and dynamic process that unites government and community, science and management, sectoral and public interests for prepari...

Environmental Hub

The increasing concentration of the World's population in coastal areas has created different conflicts between the human and development activities and the coastal ecosystems along with management difficulties. Typically, management in coasta...

Matching Grants

The NACOMA Project Sub-component 3.2., "Implementation of Priority Actions under the Management Plans at site and landscape level",  supported small matching grants for targeted investments in specific Project intervention sites (ec...

Awareness & Events

Lack of awareness about the coastal environment and the value of biodiversity has been identified as one of the main bottlenecks for sustainable coastal development in Namibia. NACOMA has invested in awareness and education initiatives that partic...

Environmental Hub

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